About Voigt

Scandinavian potential with Polish commitment

Voigt is an international printing house with a wide range of production possibilities. We print on all available kinds of materials, including materials covered and laminated with PVC, on rigid and polyester surfaces. Additionally, we create own know-how, introducing innovative forms of combining production conglomerates.

We cooperate with advertisement agencies, media houses, architects and large network companies in all Europe. We also offer cooperation with small, medium and large companies.

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ECO quality

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We use only original inks complying with Scandinavian environment protection standards. On the territory of the facility there is a 100 kW (kilowatts) photovoltaic plant covering around 25% of the power demand. We conduct full segregation of wastes.

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People first

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VOIGT’s machinery park is modern and universal. The machinery’s huge potential can only by used with people’s innovative attitude, free mind and the will to create valuable things. That is our team.

Every day over 100 employees of VOIGT print over 10 000 square meters of surface. Every product is subject to a detailed evaluation in scope of the correctness of performance. This way we combine quantity and quality of performance.

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Our history

years of experience

30 years ago the Danish family of Voigt started to make and print advertising flags. Quality was number one right from the start and the company grew dynamically in Denmark’s printing market. Guaranteed quality plus excellent customer service gave Voigt widespread recognition on the domestic market. In 1990 we started testing the waters about moving our operations to Poland. The potential was enormous. We managed to combine extensive know-how and state-of-the-art technology with the production capacity of our Polish friends to set up one of the most modern printing plants in this part of Europe. We extended the range of services available to our customers to include the latest printing technologies. For the last 30 years we have worked hard on how to improve the quality of our work and make us more accessible to our customers. Now we are ready to take on the biggest printing challenges.



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