Idea 360

Our products - we change the world around implementing the idea of 360 degrees of possibilities.

What is the idea of 360?

Look ahead while pivoting. You are surrounded by visual messages. Office space, home, streets, shopping centers. In every place inhabited by people there is the need – need of communication, which is fulfilled with our work.

Idea 360 is…

…omnipresence of visual communication in a wide variety of products filling public space. All this in an unimaginable scale of millions picture carriers each year for 26 years.


Beach flag

Beach flags are delivered as a complete package with a 100 g printed flag, pole, ground spike and a practical bag. Ground spike, sand screw, cross foot, water ring and base plate may be purchased as extras. There are two models: Teardrop or Feather flag. The flags can be used both indoors and outdoors. Comes in sizes of 2, 3 and 4 metres in height.

Advertising and national flag

Advertisement flag in landscape or portrait format, in serigraphic (pure colours) or digital print. Supplied on 110 g polyester or 160 g spun polyester with several options for post-manufacturing treatment. We manufacture flags comprised of up to 6 colours and we can also supply national flags in various sizes (rectangular flags).

Flag extender

Flag extender is quick and easy to mount without use of tools. Full exposure of flags regardless of wind conditions. Can hold any size of flag out on display and can be reused.


Wind tracker is a system in which the flag is always held outstretched due to the horizontal aluminium arm. Changing a flag is easily done without having to take down the flag pole. Used for 110 g and 160 g polyester flags

Kiosk flag

The flags are manufactured either on double-sided PVC or double-sided polyester. Both products are with blockout. The flags are delivered complete with plastic pole which fits a standard bracket, which can be mounted either with strong double-sided tape or with screws. Size of flag is 40 x 40 x 60 cm.

External exhibition systems

Inflatable products

260 g polyester waterproof fabric, dye sub printed at 720 DPI. Delivered with an internal blower, bag and instructions. Available in several varieties such as gates, pylons and other custom-made products. For queries other than shown below, please contact us, as there are many options.


Quality tents/pavilions with print on roof, sides and awnings for example. Can be supplied in 300 x 300 cm and 600 x 300 cm. Waterproof material for the roof, a 205 g polyester, manufactured with transfer technology, fine colour reproduction. Easy assembly and disassembly.


Umbrella can be delivered as full print solution. Manufactured from splashproof material and with transfer print as the manufacturing method, you receive plenty of colour and throughprint. Frame made of hardened steel with tilt function so that the parasol can be angled.

System solutions

Facade system

Unique banner solution with static façade system or with a winch. A standard system comprises aluminium ledges, top and bottom rails, a small winch compartment and corner fittings (4 per set). The aluminium ledges can be delivered in single lengths up to 600 cm and can be combined to make wider systems. We recommend the purchase of a system with side girders if the product will be exposed to high winds. Price available on request.

Alarm cover

Alarm covers are a product that can be adapted to all alarm buoys. It is sewn as a cover that is pulled over an alarm post. The most popular materials are non-woven 150 g or 205 g polyester. A good product for promotion campaigns with frequent changes.

Inside display systems

Acoustic flex frames

Aluminium frame with sound absorbent panels and 205 g polyester print on the front. They are mounted in the same way as a Smartframe™. The frames with sound absorbing panels remove noise and poor acoustics.


Excellent price and quality and therefore especially well-suited as a product for promotional campaigns. Smart aluminium gripper rail at the top for mounting various polyester products (up to 260 g.) Supplied with a hard-wearing black carrying case. Dimensions: 60 x 200 cm, 80 x 200 cm, 85 x 200 cm

Pop-up textile S30

Spennare Pop-up Textile S30 is a very easy system to assemble and set up. The fabric is attached to the system with velcro and can be fixed in 1-2 minutes.

Pop-up S10

Spennare Pop-up S10 is a curved pop-up system which, unlike the S30,
has printed graphic panels with blockout. The panels are set up by the side of one
another with invisible joints, which create one big picture.

Zipper wall

Zipper Walls are available in different formats and are incredibly easy to set up.
When the frame is complete, the elastic fabric is pulled down over and zipped.
Choose between different feet and buy extra equipment such as spots.
Comes in a case with wheels.

Flex display

The system is completely modular, and the electrically oxidised aluminium looks elegant anywhere. FLEX display provides you with many options for arranging displays, and can be adapted to all types of indoor media. From a small table display to large exhibition walls by using the same components. Comes with a carrying case.

Frames and pictures

LED light boxes

Exclusive LED light boxes with Power LED bulbs (12 W).
Choice between single-sided or double-sided, free-standing or
wall-mounted. Several types of feet for the product.

Smart Frames

Elegant solution for decoration in shops, offices and at exhibitions. Available
single-sided or double-sided. They can be wall-mounted or free-standing.
Choose from a variety of feet designs

Acoustic flex frames

Aluminium frame with sound absorbent panels and 205 g polyester print on the front. They are mounted in the same way as a Smartframe™. The frames with sound absorbing panels remove noise and poor acoustics.

Floor solutions

Floor products

Complete range of printed products for floor advertisements. Printed with a choice of three
technologies: dye sub transfer, UV/LED print and Cromojet technology. This means that we are able to produce promotional floor mats and carpets as well as high-quality entrance mats.
Maximum print width is 495 cm on selected products. Several of the media can be cut to shape.

Pallet cover

Mainly manufactured from polyester and non-woven 150 g, 110 g, 130 g or 205 g polyester. Choose between wrapping or as a cover with a velcro closure. Manufactured both digitally and serigraphically. Serigraphy is used with 1-4 colours in large print runs.
For queries other than shown below, please contact us, as there are many options.

Pouffes and cubes

Pouffe: With inner bag filled with small polystyrene balls. Upholstered with 205g polyester finished with a strong zipper, for easy replacement. Choose between 3 sizes, Ø: 40 cm, Ø: 80 cm and Ø: 140 cm.

Cube: 50 x 50 x 50 cm foam cube in good solid quality with polyester cover finished with a strong zipper, for easy replacement.



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